KG 1 Class Activities 1-2014
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Blue Day for KG 1-2014
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Aqua Play trip kg 1/2014
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A lecture to the students about how to maintain teeth 01/26/2014
Hosting a student in Dubai Sports Channel 12/01/2014
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Meeting of the Board of mothers on the second Sunday 01/19/2014
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Organized school experience evacuation plan for the entire school building on Wednesday, 15/01/2014
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Attention, please. School is not related in any way to any employment office and accordingly is not responsible for any application that might be sent with its name, Please check the photo it’s the scam contract and
Teacher training on the evacuation plan 19/1/2014
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Honoring the participants in the contest National Day 12/1/2014
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School Principal Speech
OUR MOTTO     HAND IN HAND FOR A BRIGHTER FUTURE     Our Vision     To make DAAS a home of excellence empowering every student to reach their full potential enabling them to become self-reliant and life-long learners. Our Mission     DAAS is committed to developing a community of learners in which all students acquire the knowledge, skills and confidence to meet the challenges of a changing society. Dubai Arab American Pvt.
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